January 28 Hovind News

Highlights from the Kent Hovind and Jo Hovind v USA-IRS Facebook page:

Hovind Videos

First Rudy Davis decides to enlist the support of the American Center for Law and Justice (Jay Sekulow’s outfit) by calling up and haranguing people:

And then there are 12 minutes of voicemails:

Since Kent is in court today, Rudy can’t have a three hour chat with him. What’s the next best thing? Reading Kent’s allocution from his January 19, 2007 sentencing:

And here’s the third video of Kent’s allocution:

Then Rudy decides to give us a dramatic reading of the remarks of assistant U.S. attorney Michelle Heldmyer and Judge M. Casey Rodgers. My strong suggestion to you is to turn down your volume before you listen to the following three videos, because Rudy dials it up to 11.

Rudy lets his feelings about Judge Rodgers really come through in this dramatic reading:

And the title of this video lets us know what Rudy really thinks of Federal Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers: Kent’s final sentencing from satanic judge

Rudy later shows his followers how to request files from the Florida state court system, apparently forgetting or not getting that Kent’s in the federal court system:

Rudy rounds out the day with a nearly two-hour video of Wiley Drake and friends. I tuned out about the time Drake was saying, “I’m  not a cultural Jew, I’m not tight with money” remark. Great anti-Semitism there, Wiley.

A woman named Regina Forbes talks about how Kent is being persecuted and how she heard about Kent on the Hagmann and Hagmann podcast.