January 27, 2015 Hovind News

Highlights from the Kent Hovind and Jo Hovind v USA-IRS Facebook page:

  • Kent Hovind agrees with the administrators of the Kent Hovind and Jo Hovind v USA-IRS page that the current iteration of 2Peter3 dot com is poorly designed, from the printouts Rudy Davis mailed Kent.

  • Robert Baty exchanged posts with a preacher named Charles Pledge who supports Kent Hovind.

More Hovind Videos

From January 26

In a short call, Rudy asks Kent if Jepthah murdered his daughter:

Here’s the longer call (15 minutes) between Rudy and Kent:

Rudy goes off on Peter Reilly for the latter’s political correctness regarding the word “retarded:”

This call is six minutes and towards the end he says something interesting about anti-Hovind skeptics but the call abruptly ends.

January 27:

Rudy and Kent talk a LOT today on a whole variety of subjects:

Eight minutes:

Thirty-one minutes:

Nineteen minutes, 31 seconds:

Six minutes:

Thirty-nine minutes:

Twenty-three minutes:

10 minutes, 55 seconds:

One minute, 32 seconds:

Another 1 minute, 32 seconds

A woman named Alyssa Ann goes on about Kent’s situation for 24 minutes, 15 seconds.