Kent Hovind, January 29-31, 2015

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It’s mostly videos, which I’ve grouped by day because, frankly, Rudy Davis talks too much.  And so does Kent! See below.  That said, there are a few callouts:

George Lujack published a nearly fact-free article entitled “FREE KENT HOVIND: Imprisoned 8+ Years; Now Facing New Trial for Bogus Charges with a Biased, Anti-Christian Judge Presiding” on the Cowger Nation website. Nathan Zamprogno and myself (both administrators on the Kent Hovind v US Facebook page) left comments on the article.

The “God’s Property Radio” guys had their 10th in a series of special Kent Hovind podcasts. At the beginning of this podcast, they announce that Rudy is seeing about taking a leave of absence from work so that he can help “Brother Kent Hovind.”

Kent received the book “The Jews and Their Lies” by Martin Luther. Uh whaaaa? Kent and Rudy talk about how much influence this book might have had on Hitler.

Here’s the rest of the videos, classified by day.

January 29


January 30

January 31