Legal Threats Received by Anthony Jaworski from Paul Hansen

Per Rudy Davis, the one non-Hovind purchaser of a seized Hovind property was on the stand yesterday. That would be Anthony Jaworski, who bought 5720 Palafox and, if you believe his legal filing, a buttload of heartache courtesy of the Hovind family and their friends.

As soon as Jaworski took possession of the property, he received a snail mail letter addressed to “Bob.” It was from Paul Hansen, writing as the “trustee” of “5720 N Palafox Trust.” In it, Hansen makes a number of statements which basically look like an attempt to grab back the property Jaworski just purchased from the United States as part of paying back the judgment the Hovinds owed. It’s concluded by, and I quote:

“That all occupants are hereby noticed as having a duty to pay the 5720 N PALAFOX TRUST 100 UNITED STARES [sic] Dollars, as its equivalence in gold, for the use of the described Land, and property, until the day such person gives notice to the above addressed Trustee as their [sic?] vacating the property and returning the property back to the legal owner that is named as 5720 N PALAFOX TRUST.”

It’s my understanding that this letter to “Bob”came up at the trial and it was authenticated as being signed by Paul Hansen in front of a notary public.  (I could be wrong.)

I shouldn’t have to remind people, but I will:  Judge Casey Rodgers ruled in 2009 that Glen Stoll, who was then the trustee of 5720 N Palafox Trust (and other trusts) did not have a legal interest that vested in him as trustee and was superior to that of the defendant Kent Hovind. Judge Rodgers’ opinion goes into a little bit of detail, but she shows that the Hovinds kept control of the property, even though it was nominally in the hands of Stoll. For example, the Hovinds signed rental agreements with people who resided in the houses of the other trusts, when, if the property were actually held by the trust, it would have been Stoll signing the rental agreements. Judge Rodgers wrote:  “The record shows Stoll exercised virtually no control over the properties for which he was trustee, and the court agrees he acted as a nominal title holder for the Hovinds.” As a result, the Hovinds were found to be the real owners of the several trusts, including the 5720 N Palafox parcel, and the property was forfeited to the government at that point.

The tl;dr (as the kids would say) is that as of 2009, the properties were forfeited to the U.S. by judicial order, and Hovind owned nothing. Consequently, Hansen was the trustee of nothing.  Hansen is also not an attorney and his threats were completely unfounded. They were, however, indisputably nervewracking and drove Jaworski to file a lawsuit against the U.S. Treasury.