January 25, 2015 Hovind News

Highlights from the Kent Hovind and Jo Hovind v USA-IRS Facebook page:

  • Brian Ragle posted an analysis of the 990 tax forms for Ken Ham’s Answers in Genesis to the RationalWiki Facebook page. AiG is a competitor to Kent Hovind’s various enterprises. Ragle’s analysis notes that Ham’s Creation Museum has yet to make money and in fact, more money is spent on it than comes in every year. Anyone thinking of investing in a potential Hovind enterprise should look Ragle’s information over.
  • Peter Reilly has a non-Forbes post about Rudy Davis’ latest efforts.

Other Hovindalia on the Net

  • Eric Hovind is offering a $30 homeschool biology course on Udemy. As might be expected, it’s from a creationist point of view.
  • Longtime Hovind foe PZ Myers expresses his opinion regarding the validity of the Eric Hovind course. As expected, it’s negative.

Hovind Videos

Rudy Davis:

Rudy tells fellow followers of Christ that they need to be making noise and shining light.  He has provided letters for pastors and congresscritters. I suspect that the letters have the usual lies and half-truths in them. Oh well.

This is the weekly strategizing phone call. Ernie Land appears in this video.

You too can have Kent Hovind call you!

Don’t blink! It’s the 2 Peter 3 dot com website status! (Here’s some free advice, guys. Ditch the autoplay videos. They’re annoying and for people who browse in a communal environment, they can be startling.)