Deconstruction of the USA vs. Kent Hovind Timeline of Events

The following timeline of events was published on the blog.  It is rather inaccurate and incomplete. I will provide inline commentary, links and deconstruction of this timeline, which will also be incomplete. (I would note the timeline is littered with grammar gaffes and punctuation errors. I will not be commenting on these.)

EDITORS NOTE: The USA vs Kent Hovind timeline is interactive – meaning events have links to court documents, news articles and media. Kent Hovind has requested certain language edited and elements added. The timeline will continue to update as time progresses.

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The last time I checked (o7:00 PST Tuesday, February 24, 2015), this PDF timeline had misspelled names and is even more full of errors than the web page  timeline.

January 1989 – Kent Hovind moved to Pensacola FL with family.

March 1989 – Wrote letter to editor about Creation

No link is given to this letter.

Oct. 1989 – Debate at University of W. Florida on Creation vs Florida

No link is provided to this debate. It’s also unclear as to why this debate, of the many Kent Hovind has done over the years prior to his incarceration, is so significant. Was it Kent’s first debate?

Nov. 1989 – Begin’s Creation Science Evangelism part time

Question:  How was Kent supporting himself during this time? As a teacher?

September of 1990 – Began CSE full-time

February 16, 1996 – IRS raided CSE ministry and seized vehicles while Kent Hovind was absent from his home

Per her testimony at the 2006 trial, agent M.C. Powe stated that the raid was undertaken after Kent Hovind failed to respond to assessments due from failing to file and pay personal income taxes from 1989 to 1994. Ms. Powe testified that she was sued at least three times.

Missing from the timeline at this point is Kent Hovind’s attempt to get back the vehicles from the IRS by filing a pro se Chapter 13 bankruptcy on March 1, 1996. On March 8, 1996, Hovind filed a “Petition for Return of Seizure” to get back the vehicles. The back and forth between Hovind and the IRS is documented in Judge Lewis Killian’s decision of June 5, 1996. The upshot was that Hovind’s bankruptcy was dismissed for being filed in bad faith. The whole opinion is worth a read if only because it demonstrates clearly that Kent Hovind has been a tax evader since 1989 and only pays up when property is confiscated.

August 15th, 1996 – Request opinion from a professional CPA, Tax Attorney and IRS Registered Tax Preparer

The file containing Kent Hovind’s original letter and responses from the tax “experts” is also available here. It’s interesting how Hovind paid these people in cash.

August 19th, 1996 – Response from Tax Attorney Guy Curtis

September 10th, 1996 – Response from IRS Enrolled Tax Preparer John J. Schlabach

September 12th, 1996 – Response from CPA Fred M. Ortiz

Fred Ortiz was not a CPA, only a bookkeeper. Moreover, Ortiz was convicted in 2007 for his participation in a tax avoidance scheme where he provided a letter for a reliance defense, similar to what Kent Hovind requested above.

Peter Reilly’s Your Tax Matters Partner blog entry of February 22, 2015 goes into considerable detail about Hovind’s reliance on opinions from tax “experts.” It is well worth an interested person’s time to see what other experts have to say about this. Basically, given the hundreds of thousands of lawyers, CPAs and tax preparers in the USA, Kent went shopping for his three “experts.”

Appx January, 1999 – Kent Hovind’s ministry merges with Faith Baptist Fellowship with Pastor Moonihan (write pastor moonihan and have actual paperworks?)

The name is “Mooneyhan.”

Appx Jan 2000 – Began Dinosaur Adventure land

March 18 2002 – Received first FOIA on Kent Hovind’s individual master file

The link here is to the transcript to the January 19, 2007 sentencing transcript of Kent Hovind.

Appx August, 2002 – Faith Baptist Fellowship dissolved

According to the charges against the Hovinds, the last structured withdrawal of $9,600.00 took place on August 9, 2002.

Missing from this recounting is September 13, 2002, where Kent Hovind was charged with failure to follow proper permitting procedures with regards to Dinosaur Adventure Land. See Pensapedia.

Appx November, 2002 – Kent Hovind met with Glen Stoll with Remedies at Law at Edmunds WA

This is only a link to the Remedies at Law website. Here is a link to a 2005 preliminary injunction prohibiting Glen Stoll from selling his tax remedies.

December 16th, 2002 – Freedom of Information Act ‘Kent Hovind owes no tax and is not a tax protestor

This is a link to an affidavit Kent Hovind wanted to present to the grand jury investigating his case. There is no independent evidence of this statement beyond what Hovind says.

December 27th, 2002 – Kent Hovind sent letter to IRS Scott Schneider asking for guidance on tax issues

I don’t believe it is up to Scott Schneider, who is a special agent of the Internal Revenue Service, and whose job it is to investigate tax non-compliance, to tell Kent Hovind how to become legally compliant with his taxes. There are probably hundreds of CPAs, bookkeepers and tax attorneys in the Pensacola region who could have helped the Hovinds with their taxes. They apparently did not take advantage of such expertise in the 3.5 years between this date and the Hovinds’ arrest in July 2006.

Appx February 2003 – Kent Hovind’s Ministry CSE became Ministry Trust under Glen Stoll at Remedies at Law

See above.  Glen Stoll was prohibited from selling his trusts in 2005.

February 27 2003 – 3rd FOIA response

Again, no links to whatever the Hovinds got from the IRS.

March 2003 – Church bills were paid with credit card, cash withdrawals stopped.

Appx Nov 2003 – 4th FOIA response – where they said specifically Kent Hovind is not a tax protestor and owe’s no tax 1995 – 2001

Again, no evidence of this statement beyond Kent Hovind’s word.

April 13 2004 – IRS raided ministry, threatened Jo Hovind in order to seize $42819.73

Jo Hovind is reported to have told the agents there was $3,000.00 on site. She was off by approximately $39,000.00. Additionally, the raid was not to seize money, but to obtain documentation regarding taxes that had not been paid by Creation Science Evangelism and Dinosaur Adventure Land. It was this documentation that was the basis of the 2006 criminal case against Kent and Jo Hovind. The IRS also found weapons on the property.

June 3 2004 – IRS sent notice/bill to Kent Hovind saying they transferred the money of $42819.73 from criminal to civil division. IRS notifies Kent Hovind that they created a tax bill for _ in civil division and had given the money seized as evidence of “crime” to civil division to pay the the bill.

As it turns out, both Kent and Jo Hovind owe in excess of $3 million in taxes and fines for tax years 1998-2006. That $42,819.73 is a drop in the bucket towards that tax assessment.

September 15 2005 – Kent Hovind files 3rd affidavit to grand jury (maybe find out when Grand Jury started)

It’s just worth noting that grand jury proceedings are secret and Kent Hovind does not have a right to present to the grand jury.

January 19 2006 – Received more FOIA info on individual master file

I have to assume this was part of the hundreds of FOIA requests filed by Hovind between at least 2002 and 2006. Again, we do not have any copies of what was revealed.

Also missing from this timeline is June 5, 2006, where Kent Hovind pled nolo contendere to three counts related to building and permits at Dinosaur Adventure Land.  Additionally, Hovind paid the delinquent taxes for 2003-2005 on June 19, 2006 in the amount of $10,402.64. (See Pensapedia.)

July 11 2006 – Grand Jury returned a seal indictment

The indictment was sealed, presumably because the Hovinds had passports and could have fled the country prior to the indictment. Additionally, the Hovinds had guns in their home, as noted during the 2004 search.

July 13 2006 – IRS using escambia county sheriffs to raid home and arrest Kent Hovind and Jo Hovind

See previous note for the circumstances surrounding Kent and Jo Hovind’s arrests.

Between – 200 court documents filed back and forth (ernie may have list, or on

This is untrue. According to the U.S. v. Kent and Jo Hovind 2006 trial docket, the 100th court document was filed on November 14, 2006, and is a request for acquittal.

November 2 2006 – Kent Hovind and Jo Hovind go to prison (maybe find out when the trial happend/how long it started) for

Kent Hovind was taken into custody when he was found guilty and was in the custody of a local county jail until his sentencing on January 19, 2007. Jo Hovind went to jail later after her sentencing in 2007.

June 28 2007 – Judge Rodgers orders IRS to seize church property

This is incorrect. Judge Rodgers granted the government’s motion to seize substitute property after it was found that the Hovinds did not have the money to pay the $430,400 forfeiture from their convictions on the 45 structuring counts. It also should be noted that the “church property” was set up into sham trusts sold by Glen Stoll to Kent Hovind.

appx July 2007 – John David Roy Atchinson siezes church bank account

No documentation. It might as well not have happened.

September 16 2007 – Atchinson guilty of “enticement of aggravated sexual abuse with a minor under the age of 12″

Oct 5th 2007 – Atchinson hangs himself in prison cell

These two entries are actually pretty shameful. Roy Atchison was not the prosecutor on the Hovinds’ case. Rather, Michelle Heldmyer argued the case.  Atchison apparently filed two documents (209 and 211) on the case docket. Number 211 was a withdrawal of 209. Absent any other evidence, this is the extent of Atchison’s involvement in the 2006 Hovind case. I would label this one of the many, many red herrings presented by the Hovindicators.

I would also note that just because a prosecutor turns out to be a child molester DOES NOT EXCUSE the bad acts of Kent and Jo Hovind.

April 5th – 11th 2008 –  8 affadavits submitted to court accusing Judge Rodgers of “worse than rape” claim

The file referenced here contains only five affidavits. It’s worth noting that the five affidavits were signed in front of the same notary public within the same week in April 2008.  Two of the affidavits are by members of the Hovind family, and one of those is Jo Hovind, who was convicted along with Kent of 45 counts of structuring. Additionally, there is an e-mail in the file indicating the documents were to be sent to Lindsey Springer for some purpose.  (Why not directly to the court or to Kent’s attorney?) Lindsey Springer is currently a guest of the Bureau of Prisons until 2023 for his own convictions on tax evasion charges.

July 2009 – Judge Rodgers denies Glen Stole objection/motion

The whole order approving of the forfeiture is here. Judge Rodgers basically found Glen Stoll’s trusteeship of the properties to be a sham. However, she did find the parcel conveyed to Eric Hovind in 2000 was in fact Eric’s and the government was not permitted to take that property.  The judge also put a restriction on the government that it could only sell off the parcels piecemeal up to the amount owed, and then any extra monies and remaining property were to be turned back to the Hovinds.

July 2011 – Anthony Jaworsky purchased church property 5720 N. Palafox

Jaworski filed a complaint in the federal district court in Washington, D.C. in 2013 stating he’d been harassed by the Hovind family and their employees after his purchase.  The complaint was dismissed in 2014.

Appx March 2012 – Kent Hovind finally receives legal box/legal paperwork 20-months after indictment

June 11 2012 – Government put in motion for default judgement

On June 27, 2012, Judge Rodgers issued an order in the case captioned United States v. Creation Science Evangelism, Creation Science Evangelism Foundation, 21 Cummings Road Trust, 400 Block Cummings Subdivision Trust, 5720 N. Palafox Trust, 5800 N. Palafox Trust and 29 Cummings Road Trust. This order granted summary judgment to the U.S. and dissolved the liens put on the properties by Paul Hansen. Moreover, the defendants were permanently enjoined from filing liens on the properties or causing others to file liens against the properties. Finally, a copy of the order was to be filed in the Escambia County records.

Oct 12 2012 – Kent Hovind moved to Burlen New Hampshire

April 18 2013 – Alexander Odis Matthew becomes Kent Hovind’s cell-mate

April 22 2013 – Filed bivens claim in SC for court system for keeping Kent Hovind’s legal box/paperwork from him for 20-months.

This is worth a bit of commentary because it is this action which is the basis of the below lis pendens. Hovind apparently has the idea in his head that if he were to file a Bivens claim, that could be used as a tool to hold on to the remaining forfeited properties. It does not appear to have occurred to Kent that even if he won his Bivens case (which appears to have been dismissed for lack of action), that it wouldn’t give him his property back.

May 19 2013 – Kent Hovind filed a lis pendens.

Someone filed the lis pendens for Kent Hovind since he was incarcerated outside Florida at that time.

May 22 2013 – Kent Hovind files a complaint against Judge Rodgers

May 29 2013 – Lis Pendens dated as being received

May 30 2013 – Kent Hovind files 2255 motion in the district court of Florida.

Links to the 2255 motion:  part 1 and part 2.

August 18 2013 – Emails/Letters between Kent Hovind and Paul Hansen disputing with each other how legal defense funds are being used for Kent Hovind’s defense or CSE’s defense. (In 2007, Judge says there is no trust, when they seized property, that Kent Hovind is on his own – a way for them to go after Kent personally instead of abiding by the IRS exemption)

This is interesting. I would like to see the letters. Perhaps they will show up as an exhibit at the trial.

August 22 2013 – Kent Hovind appeals to panel of the 11th circuit about complaint filed against Judge Rodgers

Oct 2 2013 – Kent Hovind’s Lis Pendens nullified, ignore lis pendens.

This is more properly labeled Amended Motion on Order for Discharge of Liens. The photocopy here was registered with Escambia County.

Nov 19 2013 – Kent Hovind files $25 million dollar tort claim that is still active

This is just a typewritten paragraph and not a filing that can be looked up and referenced.

Dec 5 2013 – The 11th circuit dismisses Kent Hovind’s complaint on Judge Rodgers with out addressing any of the issues (letter/documentation)

Dec 9 2013 – Kent Hovind files complaint against Michelle Heldemeyer in Pensacola FL and Judge Rodgers writes back that she never received a complaint.

No documentation.

Dec 19 2013 – Kent Hovind files complaint against Prosecutor Michelle Heldemeyer in CO

No documentation.

April 10 2014 – CO committee dismisses complaint

No documentation.

May 1 2014 – Kent Hovind files complaint to IRS Treasury Department

No documentation.

SIDENOTE TIMELINE: August 19 2014 – Paul Hansen does not appear before Grand Jury in dispute of Government Jurisdiction.

NOTE: All events are evidenced in official court documents
Please visit for court documents