Results of Friday’s pretrial hearing by Kent and Rudy

Kent called Rudy last night after he returned to the Santa Rosa County Jail. After some discussion of how worried Ernie Land got because Kent didn’t show up at 9 am when Ernie thought Kent’s hearing was to be held, they moved into the meat of the hearing.

The four motions in limine requested by the government were granted. They covered:

1) jury nullification
2) bringing up past US counsel
3) arguments about improper actions of the IRS
4) arguments about changes in policy

The last three items, as Kent and Rudy explain them, definitely link back to Kent’s previous case and obviously Kent wants to retry those things even though they are not part of the current case. Jury nullification goes without saying.

Apparently the judge is taking Paul Hansen’s jurisdictional challenge under advisement. I don’t think this means what Kent/Rudy/Paul think it means. I think she’s probably got her clerk writing a smackdown for this nonsense.

That said, Kent’s attorney¬†got¬†the Anthony Jaworski document excluded from the case. It is probably irrelevant for proving mail fraud, but it does go to the state of mind of the Hovind family members with regards to the land on Palafox Rd.

About 17:30, Kent goes off into this amazing discussion that he learned from another inmate while being held at the courthouse yesterday. It’s a version of that old “strawman” / birth certificate deposit account thing that goes through sovcit circles. What Kent was telling Rudy, and what Rudy was lapping up uncritically is that when a person is sentenced, the government creates a bond for the length of time the person is going to prison for. Kent used the figure $30,000 a year. So if a person gets 10 years, the bond is worth $300,000. So then the government sells this bond to an investor at a discount price for 10 years, with the full amount payable at that time. Of course this is crazycakes.

Readers, I felt the brain cells dying when I heard that. I feel dumber for having listened to this call.

We’ll know better the true results of the pretrial hearing once the orders are posted to PACER.