I turned Rudy Davis into the authorities and I’m glad I did

Rudy Davis has been on a Jezebel kick lately. He’s been calling Judge M. Casey Rodgers and the federal prosecutors Pamela C. Marsh and Tiffany Eggers (as well as Bekah Horton of Pensacola Christian College) “Jezebels.”

Yesterday, he posted this video of 2 Kings 9:31-32.

The next verse (33) is where Jezebel is tossed out the window and is trampled underfoot and killed. At that point, I decided it was time for me to get off my fat duff and report Rudy to the appropriate authorities, and I did. I proceeded to let Rudy know what I’d done and I (Dee Holmes) got this as a response:

Reprobate turns me into authorities for promoting God’s perfect Word.

Rudy’s Hovindicators proceeded to dig up old Scientology dead agenting from the 1990s on me. *shrug* Been there, done that, heard the dirt, so what?

Today, Rudy did go to verse 33:

Yup, my decision to turn in Rudy to the authorities is confirmed.

You call a judge and federal prosecutors Jezebels, then post videos about the fate of Jezebel–don’t tell me that’s just the Bible you’re preaching. You cannot hide your call to action behind Bible verses, Rudy Davis.