Kent Hovind article on white supremacist site

I have to wonder how happy the #FreeKentHovind crowd is with today’s noise and light article. It’s the usual stuff, nothing new, a reprint of a whine about how Kent’s in prison but Al Sharpton roams free by Chuck Baldwin from a couple of days ago. (Eventually I’ll deconstruct the thing but not right now.)

But wait, the vdare dot com site is different. The article has a picture of Kent, and the description:

Kent Hovind:  White Conservative Preacher In Jail

Don’t believe me? Here’s a screenshot:

Screenshot 2015-02-20 06.28.30

Here’s how Wikipedia describes vdare dot com:, or VDARE, is a white nationalist, radical right-wing website that publishes socio-political commentary pieces advocating for a moratorium on immigration into the United States and arguments related to race and American politics.

As an American citizen of mixed heritage, I find vdare dot com to be repugnant. Therefore, even though I am providing the link as a record, I totally reject what these people are about.

I wonder if Chuck Baldwin and/or the Hovindicators plan to denounce the republication of this article on the white nationalist website vdare dot com. I’ll be surprised if they do.

For the record, I posted the following to Chuck Baldwin’s Facebook. I fully expect it to be ignored or deleted:


Screenshot 2015-02-20 06.43.09