What happens when someone purchases the Hovinds’ sacred ground?

You get harassed, that’s what happens.

At least that is the assertion of Anthony Jaworski, the current owner of 5720 N. Palafox in Pensacola.  (Here’s his 2014 tax statement.) This was one of the properties put up for sale by the U.S. Government after it was seized to satisfy the forfeiture approved by Judge Rodgers in 2009.

Jaworski bought the property in 2011. Things did not go swimmingly with his new neighbors, to the point that he filed suit against the U.S. Treasury asking for $107,000 in 2013. (See link.)  I (Dee Holmes) believe Jaworski’s three page complaint is important, so I have typed it out here.  If these statements are true (and this is just a complaint and not a sworn statement), they say a lot about some members of the Hovind family.

I’d also direct your attention to the simulated legal documents sent to Jaworski by Paul John Hansen (Kent’s codefendant) on pages 5-8 of this file. It should be noted that by 2011, Hansen was not the trustee of the property in question as the title was held by the U.S. government, but that didn’t stop him from sending these documents.

The primary cause of action in this case is Title 18 241. I am asking the court to order the United States Treasury to return to me 101 thousand dollars that I paid for this property at 5720 N. Palafox St., Pensacola, Florida. I ask for another 6 thousand dollars to cover repairs, expenses, threats, abuse, mail harassment and terror. The total asked for is 107 thousand dollars.

I purchased 5720 N. Palafox from the URS Company out of Manassas, Virginia. This property was seized by IRS from Jo and Ken [sic] Hoven[sic].  This property is about 5 acres with about 20 buildings on it. A large fence encloses the property. Kent Hoven [sic] is still in prison in Colorado. Jo Hoven [sic] is out of confinement and living on the property. (a former dinosaur park)

While traveling to here from Maryland, persons unknown to me had plans to violate my civil and privacy rights. Rhoda Harding, owner of Adams Pawn, was harassed and badgered to keep an eye out for my arrival. Adams Pawn is across the street from this property. On my arrival to this property, Rhoda was to call a phone number and report this fact.  The Federal Courts have ruled it is unlawful to spy on a person with a device or drone if they have a security fence.  On arrival here I meet Eric Hoven [sic] who asks me what’s my name? I tell him my name is Bob or Billy Bob. Eric Hoven [sic] tells me that the name I gave to him is not my name. I respond that I just ran for the United States Senate with the name Billy Bob. Soon after this encounter with Eric, a letter arrives addressed to “Bob” or “Occupant”. This letter was a fake legal document telling me that neither I nor the Federal Government owns the property I just bought.  The letter tells me I am trespassing on church property. Eric Hoven [sic] is the only soul in Florida (at this time) to hear the name “Bob” or “Billy” in reference to myself.  Another certified letter arrives at 4108 Denfeld Avenue, Kensington, Maryland, telling me I am trespassing and to get off church property. I sent the letter to the URS Company who referred the letter to the United States Attorney. The United States Attorney should be in possession of the two fake legal letters. Only the first letter is addressed to a “Bob” or “Occupant” and all the other letters are addressed to my proper first and last name.

[page 2]

A person named Jared Hester approached me to buy this property. He told me he rents from Jo Hoven [sic] and does repair work for the Hoven’s [sic]. Jared Hester, a Hoven [sic] employee, told me that after the Federal Agents raided the property, and prior to the courts giving the IRS the property, he was offered the two small storage units on the property by Jo Hoven [sic]. All that would be needed was for him to hook up a chain to the units and haul them away. This shows a long term relationship between Hoven’s [sic] and Jared Hester. Jared Hester is kin by familial association or consanguinity. Jared Hester wanted to rent a mobile home on this property for a short term until the bank gave us the purchase money. He paid for the first and last week’s rent with a bad check. He avoids a state felony by various tricks. He causes thousands of dollars of damage to this property. The State’s Attorney is dealing with the bad check and other issues. Jared Hester gave me a starter check and I did not know his correct address or name. I ask Paul Hoven [sic] [Paul Dublin?] how do you spell Jared’s name and he tells me it is j-e-r-r-e-d. Paul Hoven [sic] is educated, and is an employer and landlord to Jared Hester. The bank has not contacted me in regards to the sale of this home. Paul Hoven [sic] asks me, since I have been terrorized and this property is damaged, do I want to sell my property? Restated in my own words it would sound like the following. Your property is damaged and you were put through terror-do you want to take a low price for your property? Jared Hester and Paul Hoven [sic] might be kin to each other.

Letters of harassment, spying, plans to destroy this property, and then buying the property at a bargain basement price are some of the facts in this case. One dark night, Jared Hester arrived on this property to tell me I did something to his wife. I ask what did I do to your wife? He answers my knocking on his door made his wife scared. I tell Jared Hester off and turn away, and turn back again and I now see Jared Hester resting his hand on his knife. A lifelong friend told me that the Hoven’s [sic] are bitter and angry at what the government did to them.


There are many other issues concerning this property. A large structure exists on two property lines. Another issue deals with water. I use 30 gallons of water and I am billed for 500 gallons. Maybe there is a leak or a line runs to another property. The water well feeds to the government parking lot. The flaws are minor but many.

In some states there is a law called “stigmatization of a ghost”. If you fail to inform a person that many people feel a property is haunted by a ghost a judge can declare a sale null and void. This property is not haunted by a ghost but it is haunted by the pain and history the Hoven’s [sic] have experienced. I live on this fenced in compound in the former Hoven [sic] home with many of the Hoven’s [sic] family and friends. This is not fair to me. The Hoven’s are not friends or neighbors.

The county tax office has denied my request for homestead exemption because they say I do not live on my property. I asked them if they think I live on the moon? Perhaps they think I am a ghost. I called the local FBI because Jared’s tenants kept me on a spot for two seconds while they tried to take mail from my hands. The FBI tells me a crime took place and I should call the police. I call the police and they say no crime has taken place because my mail never left my hands. I show the police the first fake legal letter of harassment I received. The police read the entire letter and  instead of saying this letter is a crime they say talk to those people (the Hoven’s [sic]) about buying you out. I pray the court issue a mandamus that the United States Treasury pay 107 thousand dollars to me.

I ask the court to rder the United States Treasury to do a risk assessment before selling a seized property to the public. I would further ask the court to order the United States Treasury to allow the public 6 months to back out of a sale if threats or harassment visit them.

Anthony Jaworski Pro Se


As mentioned above, Jaworski still owns the property and the most recent taxes are paid. It appears that Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly dismissed Jaworski’s case in 2014.  I’ll leave it to the conclusion of the reader as to whether to believe Jaworski or not.