Sunday chattin’ with Kent and Rudy

Rudy (LoneStar1776) Davis had a chat with Kent Hovind today. Things which came out of the chat I found of interest:

Hovind is really doubling down on the tax protester crazy. He followed up with Rudy on these five men:

  • Irwin Schiff
  • Fred Settles
  • Lindsey Kent Springer
  • Bill Bass
  • Ward Dean

Irwin Schiff is the old man (literally) of the tax protester movement and is in federal prison. http://tpgurus.wikid…om/irwin-schiff

Lindsey Kent Springer assisted Kent during the 2006 trial and was involved in the collection of the “worse than rape” affidavits in 2008. He’s also a guest of the Bureau of Prisons due to his mad tax evadin’ skillz.  http://tpgurus.wikid…indsey-springer

Ward Dean, M.D. (maybe not so much anymore) is a formerly incarcerated tax protester.

Fred Settles and Bill Bass I have not been able to track down yet. Rudy noted that Settles apparently died last fall in prison. Given the three guys above, I would bet money that Settles and Bass were eyeball-deep in the tax protester and/or sovereign citizen movements.

Rudy also informed Kent that Jay Sekulow’s American Center for Law and Justice would not take his case. (Probably the only time I’ve agreed with the ACLJ on anything!) Rudy is still talking with the Rutherford Institute (John Whitehead’s organization) and was told to send some information about the case. So what did Rudy send? He sent a 2005 “testimony” Kent wanted given to the grand jury (and which Kent read, in somewhat altered form, at his 2007 sentencing), an interview with James David Manning and a flyer Jerry Rose put together that’s chock-full of inaccuracies.

Rudy then asked what Kent wants the Rutherford people to do, if he can get them interested. Kent wants them to come to court and be “of counsel” to him, but not to actually represent him, because then they’d be trapped by lots of lawyer rules. Kent gave every impression that he’s going to represent himself at his trial. Remembering that old adage about representing yourself in court (you have a fool for a client), I don’t think this is going to work out very well for Kent.

The chat also had a head-scratching non-sequitur about the IRS being part of the Puerto Rican Mafia. Where does that come from?