Rudy and Ernie double down on RICO allegation

It’s Saturday, so it’s time for the weekly Kent Hovind brainstorming hour.  I haven’t listened to the entire thing yet, but I was pointed to a discussion about the crime of structuring and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act at about 37 minutes in to the video. Rudy Davis and Ernie Land have a pretty much fact-free discussion about RICO and how it applies to Kent’s case. They double down on the assertion, mentioned earlier this week in the PRWeb press release, that Kent is in prison due to RICO, which is simply not true. RICO is not mentioned in the indictment, nor is it mentioned anywhere in the transcripts of the case.

This is what I told Rudy underneath the video:

Kent Hovind is not in prison for a misapplied RICO (pronounced REE-ko) statute. It is not in his indictment. It was not mentioned at his trial. You and Ernie continue to spread falsehoods on this matter.  I work for a large financial institution in technology and every year I have to take training on the Bank Secrecy Act.  It is that Act which defines what structuring is.

The example given in this year’s training to describe how broadly we in the financial industry are to take structuring was this:  You are in an elevator with two other employees. One mentions to another that he’s selling a vehicle and he wants to know how he can deposit the funds so as to avoid the reporting requirement. That triggers reporting on my part. Yes, it is that broad.

I don’t expect a correction out of the “Christian warriors,” because that would interfere with the myth that Kent Hovind is an innocent man.