Recap: Paul Hansen Speaks to Rudy Davis February 6

Kent Hovind’s co-defendant Paul John Hansen called Rudy (LoneStar1776) Davis yesterday. In the first part of the call, Hansen snows a credulous Rudy Davis regarding jurisdiction.

About 09:45 Hansen goes on about how he had to notify the title company because he was a “trustee of a church ministry” and he had a “moral duty” to let them know that the property (which, I will remind you, had been forfeited to the US) was tied up in litigation. It sounds like to me that Hansen is going to use the defense that he had a Christian duty to let everyone know that they were going to pursue an action against that property. “How can a Christian conviction be converted into a crime?” Hansen says. Then he goes on about how if he mails a letter to Pensacola, how does he (Hansen) know that it’s going to move through a “federal zone” to give the feds jurisdiction? “I don’t,” Hansen says. “I didn’t know it was going to be moved through a federal zone.” Of course, I doubt his sovereign citizen jurisdictional argument is going to even see the light of day in court, although I strongly suspect he’s going to give his public defender a case of agita before the end of the trial, if the guy doesn’t already have one.

Rudy asks:  Why are you being targeted?  Hansen: “Oh, because Kent Hovind is a high-profile person who communicates with millions of people every year. They want to discredit him in every possible way they can.”  (I think not paying your taxes due and owing is enough discrediting in my mind.) Hansen goes on to say that “they” will spend money to get Kent Hovind, because he costs “them” tens or millions of dollars. “They’ll even kill him,” Hansen said. Rudy lets Hansen have the last word and Hansen goes off on some conspiracy theory about a guy (whose name is unclear) who was injected with cancer cells and killed by “them.” Yay conspiracy theories.