Kent Hovind, January 29-31, 2015

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It’s mostly videos, which I’ve grouped by day because, frankly, Rudy Davis talks too much.  And so does Kent! See below.  That said, there are a few callouts:

George Lujack published a nearly fact-free article entitled “FREE KENT HOVIND: Imprisoned 8+ Years; Now Facing New Trial for Bogus Charges with a Biased, Anti-Christian Judge Presiding” on the Cowger Nation website. Nathan Zamprogno and myself (both administrators on the Kent Hovind v US Facebook page) left comments on the article.

The “God’s Property Radio” guys had their 10th in a series of special Kent Hovind podcasts. At the beginning of this podcast, they announce that Rudy is seeing about taking a leave of absence from work so that he can help “Brother Kent Hovind.”

Kent received the book “The Jews and Their Lies” by Martin Luther. Uh whaaaa? Kent and Rudy talk about how much influence this book might have had on Hitler.

Here’s the rest of the videos, classified by day.

January 29


January 30

January 31

Amusing attacks on this site, part deux

More from the anonymous person running FreeKentHovind dot com:

Unreal: Non-Stop Defamatory Remarks About Kent Hovind

The liars at Kent Hovind vs USA - IRS making more defamatory remarks about Kent HovindIt is never ending with the people at Kent Hovind and Jo Hovind v USA – IRS. Once again, facebooker RLBaty continues to make defamatory comments about Kent Hovind and his family. This time, RLBaty read our article, “EXPOSED : Hovindology and Kent Hovind v USA – IRS” where we pointed out that he/she is trying to create rumors about Kent Hovind having a girlfriend on the side and pinning the Hovind family against each other with lies RLBaty conjured up.

Now, RLBaty is suggesting that Kent Hovind supporters are the ones bringing Hovind’s family in to the battle (which was never the case) and that Jo Hovind may or may not take Kent Hovind back (because of the false rumors RLBaty conjured up).

“Another diversion,… it is appropriate to offer alternative explanations as to what is going on.” Seriously, is RLBaty calling his defamatory comments an alternative explanation?

If the public who want the truth are visiting Kent Hovind and Jo Hovind v USA – IRS facebook page for information on Kent Hovind’s case, beware – it is full of lies *cough* I mean alternative explanations.

Let’s read RLBaty’s entire comment so Kent Hovind supporters are not blamed for taking the lie *cough* alternative explanation out of context…

“(In regards to article, “EXPOSED : Hovindology and Kent Hovind v USA – IRS“) Another diversion, but since Kent and his people continuing to bring up the family angle, and the family is conspicuously refusing, so far, to openly and honestly address these important public issues, it is most appropriate to offer alternative explanations as to what is going on.

We may never get to the truth about what the relationship was and is regarding Kent and other women, but we might be able to watch closely and see how such relationships might develop, especially if he ever gets out of custody.

Will Jo take him back and will they, as Rudy Davis/LoneStar1776 keeps harping on, ever sleep together again?

Who knows.
So far Jo has been successfully sequestered despite her and the family being so often brought up for discussion.

Defamatory Lies Conjured up by Kent Hovind and Jo Hovind vs USA - IRS

They say truth is stranger than fiction – and this is a prime example. It goes to show people who propagandize the lie that Kent Hovind was put in prison because he was a tax protester, or that he never paid taxes, etc… etc… are the same type of people who want to hurt anyone they can stands for the TRUTH and unashamedly professes their LOVE FOR THE LORD – why do these atheists try to hurt Believers in Christ?… Because they hate God.

John 15:18 – If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.

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I see the anonymous owner of FreeKentHovind dot com is still unhappy about RL Baty’s statements regarding the relationship between Kent and Gea Ambrosia. As I (Deana Holmes) have stated, I don’t agree with those. I think Kent’s using Gea. That said, Kent’s supporters and Kent’s family are intimately caught up in this. Eric Hovind put a letter on his Facebook on January 31 wanting Kent to come home. Eric Hovind’s Creation Today organization also continues to sell Kent Hovind materials.
That said, the facts are these:
  • Kent is a tax protester. He sought out opinions from three people back in 1996 to bolster his belief that he is not liable to pay income tax. See the documents at the Your Tax Matters Partner blog.
  • Kent is a tax evader. (1) IRS agent M.C. Powe testified at the 2006 trial (see pages 157 ff.) that she had to seize vehicles from Kent Hovind in 1996 to make up a tax deficiency from 1989 to 1994. Hovind had not filed a personal income tax return for any of those years. (2) Both Kent and Jo Hovind were found liable for approximately $3 million in back taxes and fines for failure to pay personal income tax from 1998 to 2006. That assessment was confirmed in an unpublished 2014 decision by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Kent is a sovereign citizen. In 1998, he and Jo filed a document called POWER OF ATTORNEY AND REVOCATION OF SIGNATURE with the Escambia County (FL) court.  This document is literally chock-full of Sovereign Citizen rhetoric, complete with calls to the Uniform Commercial Code and referring to the “united States” [sic] It is signed by Kent and Jo Hovind, SUI JURIS, JUS SANGUINUS, JURE CORENEA. (See document here.) This is standard sovereign citizen rhetoric. Moreover, Kent Hovind’s Very Bestest Friend Ernie Land said he’s familiar with the National Liberty Alliance’s Quo Warranto but they have: “backed off a great deal. They were helping me at one point and then I think once Terry [Trussell] got arrested on frivolous charges down there in the leadership role, they kind of backed away from us. Probably because they’re fighting the battle in other areas. I don’t know why. I just know that they broke off communication on Kent Hovind. But ultimately the goal is Free Kent.” (at 31:30) The NLA is a Sovereign Citizen group and the “Quo Warranto” is a classic Sovereign Citizen document of absolutely no use in the U.S. justice system.
  • Kent was put into prison for (among other things) 12 counts of tax evasion for failure to pay income and Social Security tax for his employees.

It’s not about religion. It’s about a man who has made a point of evading the payment of income tax due and owing for himself and his employees for years and years. If this were truly about religion, I would have expected Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis to be in jail, but he’s not.

Let me conclude with a passage of scripture from Matthew 17:24-27:

24 After Jesus and his disciples arrived in Capernaum, the collectors of the two-drachma temple taxcame to Peter and asked, “Doesn’t your teacher pay the temple tax?”

25 “Yes, he does,” he replied.

When Peter came into the house, Jesus was the first to speak. “What do you think, Simon?” he asked.“From whom do the kings of the earth collect duty and taxes—from their own children or from others?”

26 “From others,” Peter answered.

“Then the children are exempt,” Jesus said to him. 27 “But so that we may not cause offense, go to the lake and throw out your line. Take the first fish you catch; open its mouth and you will find a four-drachma coin. Take it and give it to them for my tax and yours.”

Kent Hovind causes offense because he fails to pay taxes. He should pay attention to the words of the man he calls Lord and stop offending people because he believes he is exempt from paying taxes due and owing.

Amusing attacks on this site, part 1

The person who runs FreeKentHovind dot com is frothing mad at this site and s/he is letting everyone know about it.

From January 28:

EXPOSED : Hovindology And Kent Hovind And Jo Hovind V USA – IRS

Kent Hovind Blog and news on Persecution of Christians in America and Throughout the World.The people running Kent Hovind and Jo Hovind v USA – IRS and Hovindology have lied about Kent Hovind time and time again – and recently it has gotten worse. They are spreading disgusting and false rumors about Kent Hovind all over the internet saying Kent Hovind has a girlfriend on the side and they are “interested” in what Hovind’s family has to say about it.

Remarks from Kent Hovind and Jo Hovind v USA – IRS
“Kent and his people bring the family back into it with Kent and Rudy promoting the idea that Gea is Kent’s adoptive daughter instead of his girlfriend.

I am still waiting to hear from Eric, Kent A., Tanya, Marlissa, Danielle and especially Jo about that.

Here’s the short message that Rudy recorded from Kent where Kent sends his love to Gea.

Screenshot proving Kent Hovind and Jo Hovind v USA – IRS are trying to cause confusion by creating lies:

The woman in question is Gea, a young woman that writes to Kent asking for his guidance. Kent explains that Gea has no family and that Gea looks up to Kent like a father. Kent further explained that Gea is his “adopted daughter” (a term of endearment).

The owner of Kent Hovind and Jo Hovind v USA – IRS facebook page is indeed an atheist (that is why they are comfortable creating filthy lies trying to cause family turmoil and confusion). Case in point – The owner of Kent Hovind and Jo Hovind v USA – IRS will not answer the simple question “Should government take the place of Christ and God?”…

It is our duty as Christian’s to stand up for our Brother in Christ and expose corruption and lies.

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You know, I (Deana Holmes) am one of the administrators of Kent Hovind and Jo Hovind v USA – IRS and RL Baty and I disagree on this. My opinion is that Kent is using Gea Ambrosia for his own personal ends. I don’t think Kent sees her as a possible girlfriend.

As for the simple question of “Should government take the place of Christ and God?” I would offer this from Romans 13:

13 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.

This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing. Give to everyone what you owe them: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.

This is not a matter of government being in the place of Christ and God. Rather, it’s a matter of Kent being subject to the governing authorities. He refuses to put himself under law, but instead acts like a lawless man and whips up his followers with his baseless claims.

I’d also note the following from the Constitution of the United States, Art. VI, para. 3:

The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

We don’t have a religious government here in the USA and that’s the way the Founders intended it. They had seen for themselves what centuries of religious wars would do and didn’t want that here.

If people want a religious government, I’d suggest perhaps Saudi Arabia or Iran. Oh…not YOUR religious government…

As for the “filthy atheist” argument, it reminds me of Scientology’s old argument that I was a religious bigot for opposing the cult of greed and power (when I wasn’t taking payouts from Big Pharma, that is).  Calling people names doesn’t help at all, anonymous Hovind promoter.

January 28 Hovind News

Highlights from the Kent Hovind and Jo Hovind v USA-IRS Facebook page:

Hovind Videos

First Rudy Davis decides to enlist the support of the American Center for Law and Justice (Jay Sekulow’s outfit) by calling up and haranguing people:

And then there are 12 minutes of voicemails:

Since Kent is in court today, Rudy can’t have a three hour chat with him. What’s the next best thing? Reading Kent’s allocution from his January 19, 2007 sentencing:

And here’s the third video of Kent’s allocution:

Then Rudy decides to give us a dramatic reading of the remarks of assistant U.S. attorney Michelle Heldmyer and Judge M. Casey Rodgers. My strong suggestion to you is to turn down your volume before you listen to the following three videos, because Rudy dials it up to 11.

Rudy lets his feelings about Judge Rodgers really come through in this dramatic reading:

And the title of this video lets us know what Rudy really thinks of Federal Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers: Kent’s final sentencing from satanic judge

Rudy later shows his followers how to request files from the Florida state court system, apparently forgetting or not getting that Kent’s in the federal court system:

Rudy rounds out the day with a nearly two-hour video of Wiley Drake and friends. I tuned out about the time Drake was saying, “I’m  not a cultural Jew, I’m not tight with money” remark. Great anti-Semitism there, Wiley.

A woman named Regina Forbes talks about how Kent is being persecuted and how she heard about Kent on the Hagmann and Hagmann podcast.


Deconstructing the 20 shocking attacks on Kent Hovind

A YouTuber by the name of TigerDan925 posted the following video on January 25. Following the video is a thorough deconstruction of the arguments made in the video.

20 shocking attacks on Kent that North Korea would welcome. URGENT!

Let’s see what those 20 attacks are..

20. In 2006, a government SWAT team raided Kent Hovind’s creation science ministry. This is illustrated with a picture of the search for the Tsarnaev brothers, which was an active shooter scene.  Additionally, when Creation Science Evangelism, Dinosaur Adventure Land and Kent Hovind’s home were raided in 2004, at least three guns were found on the premises. In light of that, simply going in would have been foolish.  It should also be noted that this point is illustrated with a picture from the search for the Tsarnaev brothers, which involved hundreds of police working an active scene where two murderers on the loose.

19. Kent and his wife, Jo, got arrested at gunpoint. Jo was dragged out of bed and not allowed to get dressed. This violent method of arresting a suspect is usually reserved for hard core gang-related activity. It was disproportionate and a totally over-the-top display of force.

If you had read the history of Kent Hovind’s interactions with the Internal Revenue Service, you would understand that Kent was absolutely uncooperative. Agent M.C. Powe testified that after she seized vehicles from Kent Hovind in 1996 to make up a tax arrearage, she was personally sued three times by Hovind. Special Agent Scott Schneider was also sued a number of times.

In addition, both Kent and Jo had passports and friends overseas and were considered a flight risk.

The point made with regards to number 20 stands as well. Using a picture from the active shooter search for the Tsarnaev brothers is completely misleading.

18. They were both thrown in prison. Jo got released from jail a few years ago, but as February, 2015, Kent maintains his innocence from behind bars.

They were both released on their own recognizance after being arrested. They were not permitted to keep their passports nor their guns. Kent was not taken into custody until after his conviction, months after his initial indictment. Jo Hovind spent less than a year in prison and was out by 2009. Kent is still in prison because he was convicted of 12 counts of tax evasion, 45 counts of structuring and one count of obstructing the IRS by a jury of his peers.

17. The prosecution of Kent Hovind was led by Michelle M. Heldmyer, U.S. Attorney, and J.D. Roy Atchison, assistant U.S. Attorney. In 1993, Judge Richard Kreidler committed suicide when he was caught and charged with the crime of purchasing illegal pornographic materials. The following year, in May 1994, Michelle Heldmyer, now the U.S. Attorney, made national news when it was found that her husband Joseph Heldmyer was on the same pornographic mailing list as the judge. He was never prosecuted. The Sun-Sentinel, in an article entitled, “Attorney’s Actions Warrant Probe,” from May 14, 1994, poses the question, “Why? Is it because he’s the husband of an assistant U.S. attorney, Michelle Heldmyer? Presumably…”

And this has what to do with Kent Hovind? Seriously, talk about your red herrings.

I would also note that Ms. Heldmyer was cleared of all charges with regards to this incident involving her husband. See:

Also, J.D. Roy Atchison was not the prosecuting attorney on this case. He was not at the trial. He filed exactly two documents in the case, numbers 209 and 211 on the docket of the Kent and Jo Hovind trial, which can be found here: . Number 211 was a withdrawal of number 209. So Atchison’s involvement in the 2006 Hovind case was virtually nil. On top of that, Atchison wasn’t arrested until September 16, 2007, which is months after Kent went to prison. rolls eyes Try again.

16. Just a few days after Kent Hovind’s trial, this assistant U.S. attorney, J.D. Roy Atchison, was caught, arrested and jailed for attempting to rape a five-year-old.

This occurred months after Hovind was incarcerated. On top of that, as mentioned in point 17, Atchison filed one document (209) in the Hovind case and then withdrew it (211). He was not the main attorney on the case, Michelle Heldmyer was.

15. At Kent’s trial, Margaret Casey Rodgers, the presiding judge over the case, allegedly said, “Kent Hovind’s crime is worse than rape!” Did the judge know that the prosecutor was a rapist?

This remains unproven. There are, allegedly, affidavits, but the affidavits have not seen the light of day. It’s certainly not mentioned online until at least 2009.

14. To appeal the case, Kent paid $6,000 for a full court transcript. A court transcript is an unedited copy of every word spoken in the courtroom. To be valid, the appeal had to be filed within 12 months. The documents were held back for 16 months, making Kent miss the deadline for appealing his own case.

In a red box at this point in the video, it says, “Correction:  It delayed the appeal when the legal files were held back for 20 months in another matter, but that didn’t invalidate the appeal when the Court Transcripts were delayed. To the best of my knowledge, it is still ongoing.”

Kent got his appeal. Please see the following opinion, decided December 30, 2008:

Kent appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court and his writ of certiorari was denied. He later tried for a writ of mandamus at the Supreme Court but that was also denied on March 28, 2011.

13. Four months after the deadline and too late to file an appeal, Kent finally received the transcript and somebody had tampered with it, removing the judge’s words, “worse than rape.”

12. Eight attendees of the court have signed an affidavit stating that they all heard Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers declare Kent Hovind’s crime to be “worse than rape.” Whoever tampered with the official court transcripts is not known, but that fact alone, that it was tampered with, is enough to overturn the case.

The first mention of this is around 2009. There is no contemporary report that Judge Rodgers said this. Not in the Pensacola newspaper, nor in Jen Fishburne’s contemporaneous report on her blog. Eight vaporware affidavits prove nothing.

It should also be noted that since this was not brought up in the appeal, it is now time-barred. And, on top of that, making this sort of statement, if the judge indeed made this statement, is not reversible error. It was not made to the jury. It was made at sentencing. And, I might note, Her Honor declined the government’s request for an enhanced sentence.

11.  And what hideous, monstrous crime deserves the title “worse than rape”? Structuring. Not murder. Not genocide. No. Structuring. That’s withdrawing any amount of your own money from your own bank account. I’m not making this up. If you withdraw money from your bank more than twice within the last 10 years, then you’re guilty of structuring. He served eight years in prison for a nonsense, made-up crime.

Quoting directly from the federal jury instruction manual regarding the crime of structuring, this is what has to be proven:

FIRST, that the defendant had knowledge of the currency transaction reporting requirements;
SECOND, that the defendant knowingly and willfully [structured] or [assisted in structuring] or [attempted to structure] or [attempted to assist in structuring] a currency transaction;
THIRD, that the purpose of the structured [or attempted] transaction was to evade the currency transaction reporting requirements of §  5313(a);
FOURTH, that the defendant knew that structuring was unlawful; and
FIFTH, that the structured transaction(s) involved one or more domestic financial institutions.

What you stated is not the crime of structuring. Moreover, structuring is used to track criminal activities by drug dealers and terrorists, in addition to tax evaders like Kent Hovind.

Additionally, you missed the other 13 counts Kent Hovind was convicted of. He failed to pay income and Social Security taxes on his employees for 12 quarters, leading to 12 counts of tax evasion. Also, he was convicted of one count of obstructing the IRS.

10. To recap, the assistant U.S. attorney who prosecuted Kent was a rapist. The judge allegedly said Kent Hovind was worse than a rapist.  The prosecutor was then found guilty of rape. Then the judge’s statements about rape got removed from the court transcript. And those transcripts were finally delivered to Kent four months past, beyond the deadline for appeal. And that’s only half of it!

See all the previous points for a detailed rebuttal of this point.

9. Two juries were dismissed until the guilty verdict was made.

This should be more accurately expressed as “two grand jury terms expired before an indictment was handed down.”

Evidence was heard through three grand jury terms. Each term is for eighteen months. Hovind was raided April 2004 and charges were presented in July 2006. At least one, if not two, grand juries would have expired during this time. In a complex case with 58 counts, this is not unexpected, particularly since the juries would have been hearing evidence on other cases at the same time.

For Kent and Jo’s 2006 trial, there was one jury, which found them guilty in less than 4 hours. Please see Volume 9 of the transcript, which has the arguments made to the jury.

8. Kent has been moved around from prison to prison 23 times in 8 years. Some say they’re trying to get him killed. Because the more you move a prisoner around, the more likely they are to share a cell with a violent inmate.

I do not know the transfer policies of the Bureau of Prisons, so I cannot comment on this.

7. Allegedly The IRS agent…Scott Schnider ceased over 42,000 dollars from the Creation Ministry’s safe. And then created a tax bill for the exact amount of money seized.

Scott Schneider issued a receipt for $42,000 seized in the 2004 raid. Not a “tax bill.” The jury found Hovind liable for over $600K in tax arrearages for failing to pay federal income and Social Security taxes on the CSE and DAL employees from 2001-2003. I’d also note that both Kent and Jo Hovind have an additional $3 million personal tax liability for taxes they failed to pay from 1998 to 2006.

6. Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers has a track record of Handing out unjust and outrageous rulings against Bible believers. For example, she issued a contempt order against 2 School teachers… for praying before eating their food. The Washington Times reported, source below, that over 60 congressmen stepped in to show support for the teachers who were facing jail time, and that the Judge was completely out of line ruling against the 1st amendment constitution rights, she ought to have been dismissed as a Judge at that point but the case got settled out of Court, and the Judge is still in office. OUTRAGEOUS.

And this has what to do with a tax evasion, structuring and obstruction of the IRS case? As Judge Rodgers stated at Kent’s sentencing (pp. 105-106):

First, I want you all to understand and be clear on the fact that this case is not and has never been about religion. It was Mr. Hovind, not the government, who injected religion into this case during this trial.

5. The same Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers, who allegedly misdirected the Jury on the first trial, and seems to have delayed the paperwork to stop the appeal, and may have ordered the tampering with Court Transcripts, has been selected to be the new Judge in the upcoming trial.

First, there’s no proof that Judge Rodgers stopped the paperwork for the appeal at any time, particularly since Kent got his appeal.

Second, if Kent’s attorney thinks Her Honor is so very prejudiced against him, he could ask the judge to recuse herself. So far as I can tell, he has not done so. It should be noted that the crimes Kent is accused of are an outgrowth of orders issued from Judge Rodgers.

4. A coordinated effort between the police force who authorized the swat team, the IRS agents who invented tax bills, the prosecutor who was a convicted felon, and the Judge with a track record of issuing heavy handed anti Christian rulings… requires congress to investigate, because unsound, unsafe rough justice will continue to infect the system unless people are made aware.

This point has been debunked above in numerous points. There is nothing new here except some invective about “the system.”

3. While in prison, Kent Hovind has highlighted the fact that Judges are allowed to invest in the prison industrial complex. They can hold stocks in private prisons for profit. Judges are incentivised to hand out longer sentences. Because while the prisons are full, the companies that run those prisons will be in profit, and an invested Judge will take a dividend of that profit. It’s a conflict of interest for a Judge to profit from handing out longer sentences and they ought to be banned from investing in prison related stock.

There is no evidence that Judge Rodgers has any investments in prison-related stock. Kent Hovind needs to either put up or shut up.

2. An internet petition with over 19 thousand signatures on it to free Kent Hovind, was removed from the internet. We know who has the petition but he won’t release it. A link to a new petition can be found below this video.

This is untrue. The current proprietor of 2Peter3 dot com has those 20,000 signatures.

Moreover, it should be noted that justice is not meted out on the basis of popularity. We are a government of laws, not of men.

1. So the number one mind blowing thing that happened to Kent Hovind, is that he now faces, a further 100 years in prison. The new trial set for February 9 2015. The Trial could be moved to March. And what crime has he committed that deserves that sort of lengthy sentence? He mailed a lis pendens on the title of his property. The Government appears to be selling off all his assets and his property is still in dispute. The lis pendens informs any buyers that there’s still a legal dispute over those houses. Once again they’ve made up a ridiculous crime of mail fraud, to unjustly have him jailed for the rest of his life.

The facts are that as a result of the 2006 trial, the property making up CSE, DAL and the Hovind home was seized to make up the partial money judgment of $430,400 assessed. Since the amount of cash seized did not total the amount owed, the government got permission to take the property. The property has been owned by the US government since 2009.

Judge Rodgers did find that the US government could not seize the property owned by Eric Hovind, as it had been owned by him prior to  2001, he had made improvements to the property and had paid all taxes on it.

Since then, Kent Hovind has or has caused his friends to file liens against the properties held by the US government in order to thwart the sale of same.  He had the lis pendens filed on four properties after he filed a Bivins suit against the Bureau of Prisons, because he thought he could get the property back that way. He had been specifically told not to file any more liens or lis pendens on the property by Judge Rodgers, but apparently went ahead and did it anyway. Judge Rodgers issued a document, appended to the records of Escambia County, which dissolved the lis pendens.

Now, we will not know if the government has proven its case until the trial is held.

January 27, 2015 Hovind News

Highlights from the Kent Hovind and Jo Hovind v USA-IRS Facebook page:

  • Kent Hovind agrees with the administrators of the Kent Hovind and Jo Hovind v USA-IRS page that the current iteration of 2Peter3 dot com is poorly designed, from the printouts Rudy Davis mailed Kent.

  • Robert Baty exchanged posts with a preacher named Charles Pledge who supports Kent Hovind.

More Hovind Videos

From January 26

In a short call, Rudy asks Kent if Jepthah murdered his daughter:

Here’s the longer call (15 minutes) between Rudy and Kent:

Rudy goes off on Peter Reilly for the latter’s political correctness regarding the word “retarded:”

This call is six minutes and towards the end he says something interesting about anti-Hovind skeptics but the call abruptly ends.

January 27:

Rudy and Kent talk a LOT today on a whole variety of subjects:

Eight minutes:

Thirty-one minutes:

Nineteen minutes, 31 seconds:

Six minutes:

Thirty-nine minutes:

Twenty-three minutes:

10 minutes, 55 seconds:

One minute, 32 seconds:

Another 1 minute, 32 seconds

A woman named Alyssa Ann goes on about Kent’s situation for 24 minutes, 15 seconds.

January 25, 2015 Hovind News

Highlights from the Kent Hovind and Jo Hovind v USA-IRS Facebook page:

  • Brian Ragle posted an analysis of the 990 tax forms for Ken Ham’s Answers in Genesis to the RationalWiki Facebook page. AiG is a competitor to Kent Hovind’s various enterprises. Ragle’s analysis notes that Ham’s Creation Museum has yet to make money and in fact, more money is spent on it than comes in every year. Anyone thinking of investing in a potential Hovind enterprise should look Ragle’s information over.
  • Peter Reilly has a non-Forbes post about Rudy Davis’ latest efforts.

Other Hovindalia on the Net

  • Eric Hovind is offering a $30 homeschool biology course on Udemy. As might be expected, it’s from a creationist point of view.
  • Longtime Hovind foe PZ Myers expresses his opinion regarding the validity of the Eric Hovind course. As expected, it’s negative.

Hovind Videos

Rudy Davis:

Rudy tells fellow followers of Christ that they need to be making noise and shining light.  He has provided letters for pastors and congresscritters. I suspect that the letters have the usual lies and half-truths in them. Oh well.

This is the weekly strategizing phone call. Ernie Land appears in this video.

You too can have Kent Hovind call you!

Don’t blink! It’s the 2 Peter 3 dot com website status! (Here’s some free advice, guys. Ditch the autoplay videos. They’re annoying and for people who browse in a communal environment, they can be startling.)

January 24, 2015 Hovind News

Hovind Facebook:

At the Kent Hovind and Jo Hovind v USA – IRS Facebook page, we’re discussing the following:

Hovind Videos for Friday, January 23

Rudy Davis:

Kent claims in this video that the Internal Revenue Service was incorporated in 1933, and he has the incorporation papers for “The Internal Revenue Tax and Audit Service Inc.” He started reading them on the air.

A little Googling (let your fingers do the walking) brought me to the case Acevedo v. U.S. (E.D. Missouri, 2008), where there’s a discussion of this so-called “IRS Corp.” Quoting from Footnote 2, pages 4-5:

2 The only purportedly “private” entity named as a defendant in this action is the Internal Revenue Tax and Audit Service, Inc. a/k/a “IRS Corp.” Plaintiff contends that his social security benefits, once levied for payment of his delinquent taxes, were “passed on” to the “IRS Corp.” There is no allegation in the complaint that the “IRS Corp.” acted in an unlawful manner. As such, plaintiff fails to state a claim for relief against the “IRS Corp.” To the extent, however, that plaintiff is claiming that the Internal Revenue Service is not an agency of the government, but rather, a private corporation, known as the “IRS Corp.,” the Court notes that this line of reasoning has been consistently negated by several other courts. See, e.g., Snyder v. IRS, 596 F.Supp. 240 (N. D. Ind. 1984); Crain v. Commissioner, 737 F.2d 1417 (5th Cir. 1984); Salman v. Jameson, 52 F.3d 334 (9th Cir. 1995). Moreover, the claim that “[t]he Service is not an agency of the United States government but rather a private corporation or an agency of a State or Territory without authority to administer the internal revenue laws” has been identified by the IRS as a “frivolous position” that can result in a penalty of $5,000 when asserted in a tax return or included in certain collection-related submissions. Notice 2007-30, 2007-14 I.R.B. 883.

Moral of the story:  Kids, don’t argue this. Unless you’ve got an extra five grand lying around that you want to give over to the Internal Revenue Service.

And we’re still waiting on the affidavits…

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